Standard 1: Leadership Capacity

The capacity of leadership to ensure an institution’s progress toward its stated objectives is an essential element of organizational effectiveness. An institution’s leadership capacity includes the fidelity and commitment to its institutional purpose and direction, the effectiveness of governance and leadership to enable the institution to realize its stated objectives, the ability to engage and involve stakeholders in meaningful and productive ways, and the capacity to implement strategies that improve learner and educator performance.

STANDARD 1.1: The institution commits to a purpose statement that defines beliefs about teaching and learning, including the expectations for learners.

STANDARD 1.2: Stakeholders collectively demonstrate actions to ensure the achievement of the institution’s purpose and desired outcomes for learners.


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STANDARD 1.3: The institution engages in a continuous improvement process that produces evidence, including measurable results of improving student learning and professional practice.


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STANDARD 1.4:  The governing authority establishes and ensures adherence to policies that are designed to support institutional effectiveness.

STANDARD 1.5: The governing authority adheres to a code of ethics and functions within defined roles and responsibilities.

STANDARD 1.6: Leaders implement staff supervision and evaluation processes to improve professional practice and organizational effectiveness.

STANDARD 1.7: Leaders implement operational processes and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness in support of teaching and learning.

STANDARD 1.8: Leaders engage stakeholders to support the achievement of the institution’s purpose and direction.

STANDARD 1.9: The institution provides experiences that cultivate and improve leadership effectiveness.

STANDARD 1.10: Leaders collect and analyze a range of feedback data from multiple stakeholder groups to inform decision-making that results in improvement.


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STANDARD 1.11: Leaders utilize ethical marketing and communication practices.