Standard 3: Resource Capacity

The use and distribution of resources support the stated mission of the institution. Institutions ensure that resources are distributed and utilized equitably so that the needs of all learners are adequately and effectively addressed. The utilization of resources includes support for professional learning for all staff. The institution examines the allocation and use of resources to ensure appropriate levels of funding, sustainability, organizational effectiveness, and increased student learning.

STANDARD 3.1: The institution plans and delivers professional learning to improve the learning environment, learner achievement, and the institution’s effectiveness.

STANDARD 3.2: The institution’s professional learning structure and expectations promote collaboration and collegiality to improve learner performance and organizational effectiveness.


PD Training sample - Resilient Teachers 2017 Flyer

Parent Handbook - see section, Introduction to Brightways Global Academy, Certified Support Teachers (p.4)

STANDARD 3.3: The institution provides induction, mentoring, and coaching programs that ensure all staff members have the knowledge and skills to improve student performance and organizational effectiveness.

STANDARD 3.4: The institution attracts and retains qualified personnel who support the institution’s purpose and direction.

STANDARD 3.5: The institution integrates digital resources into teaching, learning, and operations to improve professional practice, student performance, and organizational effectiveness.

STANDARD 3.6: The institution provides access to information resources and materials to support the curriculum, programs, and needs of students, staff, and the institution.


Board Meeting Minutes

School Success Plan - see section I.G - Sufficient Resources

STANDARD 3.7: The institution demonstrates strategic resource management that includes long-range planning and use of resources in support of the institution’s purpose and direction.


Budget available on request. The budget is prepared by the organization staff and includes the Global Academy sub-budget within the organization budget each year for board review and approval. We periodically survey our families and for user satisfaction to gauge if sufficient support is provided and to ask for what improvements are needed.  Admin also regularly has discussions with teaching staff to gauge comfort with work load and ability to meet student's needs.  

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Learning Resources Overview

School Success Plan - see section I.G - Sufficient Resources

Strategic Planning Session notes available upon request.

Computing Equipment Use Request Form

STANDARD 3.8: The institution allocates human, material, and fiscal resources in alignment with the institution’s identified needs and priorities to improve student performance and organizational effectiveness.

STANDARD 3.9: The institution provides an effective Learning Management System.

STANDARD 3.10: The institution’s technology infrastructure supports teaching, learning and operational effectiveness.