Writing for the Alaska Native Education Program (ANEP) Grant?

Partnering with Brightways Learning will help strengthen social-emotional competencies, school climate and teacher retention, and family/community engagement to raise student achievement for Alaska Native students.

“[Because of Brightways], I got involved in my community, taking on leadership roles in my school, region, and beyond. I became an Anchor for younger kids. I embraced my culture by working to preserve the Athabaskan language through native songs. I’m now a happy 22-year-old, living and thriving in Fairbanks where I’m working full-time and planning to continue my higher education. My Web of Support is stronger than ever, I am connected to people, and I feel loved and supported. And, yes, I still participate in Kaleidoscope Connect events as a leader, helping other shy, timid kids to blossom.”

Gerald Patsy, Koyukon Tribe Member; 2014 Recipient, Chief Andrew Isaac Youth Leadership Award; 2014 Recipient, Alaska Federation of Natives’ Roger Lang Youth Leadership Award

Why Partner with Us?

We are experienced in Rural Alaska
Since 2008, Brightways Learning has partnered with nine rural districts across Alaska to serve nearly four dozen schools in previously awarded ANEP and similar federal grant programs. Those districts have relied on us – and we delivered with high satisfaction – services and experiences. Those districts continuously seek to secure funding to keep us providing meaningful and high-value services together.


We help build connections and collaboration
We know that every school and community is unique; yet, they all share the goal of having healthy and happy students who can mature as emerging leaders in their communities while also achieving success in careers of their choice. Our experience in respecting the cultures and customs of Alaska Native tribes has allowed us to be successful in facilitating collaborative efforts between community and school.  By strengthening the positive social norms and academic expectations, communities and schools come together and reinforce the traditions of their Elders and ancestors.


Our work has a major impact on communities  
Partners who have engaged in our Kaleidoscope Connect service have seen a decrease in negative behaviors over time, such as teen pregnancy and youth suicide rates. Participating youth and adults become empowered to adopt and model healthy lifestyles and positive expectations.


Brightways has a positive impact in changing the life trajectory of youth
Students we survey  continue to report how their experience with Brightways activities has changed their lives in positive and meaningful ways. Those who felt troubled, lonely, and isolated have learned the skills necessary to connect with adults in community and in their school to create supportive connections.

What Do We Do?

Brightways Learning, a K-12 educational nonprofit, offers services that positively impact Alaska Native students, schools, and communities in multiple ways:

  1. Increasing Student Resiliency: Through our Kaleidoscope Connect service, we will work alongside your students, school staff, tribe and community members to build support networks (Webs of Support) and resilience for students. Our work celebrates and amplifies what your students, school staff, parents, and other community members are doing “right.” Communities are strengthened, teachers become more connected to their local communities, and students feel more confident and supported.

  2. Making Classroom Learning More Culturally Relevant: We can coordinate and help facilitate a variety of cultural/academic activities, depending on your goals and objectives. For example, we have co-created and run cultural immersion camps that brought together local culture bearers and teachers from school district communities. Teachers emerged better equipped with the knowledge of cultural activities and collaborative relationships with Elders to develop and deliver lesson plans that integrate the state’s academic and cultural standards. Student engagement and achievement commonly improves, along with teacher satisfaction and retention. (See our latest collaborative project, A-CHILL, as an example.)

What partners are saying about our work with them:

 “The staff at Brightways Learning help solve problems. When we have an idea that we want to develop or want to make a change in our program or online system that better suits our needs, they spend the time with us to make sure they fully understand what we want and then figure out how to make that happen.” 

— Scott MacManus, Superintendent, Alaska Gateway School District


“The impact has been amazing!  Brightways work has proven to increase resilience in our kids, and decreased teen suicide and pregnancy rates – it’s working!”

— Andrea (Durny) Nield, Yukon-Koyukuk School District


“(This) has such a profound effect on me and the way I look at student support and how we all need to help them and support them. I always knew this, but you’ve opened my eyes even more. I can’t thank you enough.”

— Kaleidoscope Academy participant, Alaska

What We Offer to Help Fit Your ANEP Project Needs

Increasing Student Resiliency through our Kaleidoscope Connect service

Kaleidoscope Academy
(2-day PD training)
$249 per Phase 1 participant; $299 per Phase 2 participant
Resilient Educators Workshop
(2-day PD training - see this event for sample information)
$249 per participant
PHlight ClubStarts at $8,000; contact us for details
Teacher/Staff Day of Inservice$3000 +Travel*
Community Engagement Night + Day-long Teacher/Staff Inservice$3,250 +Travel*
Community Engagement evening + 1-day Youth & Adult Event (max. 200 participants; grades 6-12)$3,250 +Travel*
Coaching (Virtual/Skype); 10 hours$1,750
Coaching (Virtual/Skype); 5 hours$1,000
Webinar/Virtual Training Series of four (1-hour each)$495
*Travel Day — All travel for Kaleidoscope Connect Trainer(s) to local site(s) is additionalActual costs to be billed

(You can also create a Custom Package; Please contact us to discuss options.)

Kaleidoscope Collaborative Group Package
($6,995; does not include travel/lodging)

  • (5) Attendee Registrations to Kaleidoscope Academy - Phase 1
  • (5) Attendee Registrations to Kaleidoscope Academy - Phase 2 Academy

  • (5) Attendee Registrations to Resilient Educators

  • Series of 4 follow-up Webinars (unlimited attendance)

  • 3 hours Virtual Training

  • Kaleidoscope Lessons

  • 15 Student Support Card Annual Licenses (The student must attend at least a 4-hour overview from staff or during Phlight Club; can add more licenses for fee, as needed.)

Kaleidoscope School-Community Package
($10,375; does not include travel/lodging)

  • 1-day Professional Development Training (in your district)

  • Youth & Adult Event (8am-3pm; Grades 6-12)

  • Community Engagement Night (5:30-9pm)

  • Kaleidoscope Lessons

  • Series of 4 follow-up webinars (unlimited attendance)

  • 10 hours Virtual Training

  • 30 Student Support Card Annual Licenses (The student must attend at least a 4-hour overview from staff or during Phlight Club; can add more licenses for fee, as needed)

Making Classroom Learning More Culturally Relevant

Culturally Responsive Learning Training or Camp Facilitation — Options, including costs, vary and are adaptable to best fit your project Goals and Objectives. Please contact us for details.

Let's Talk!

Contact Cindy Barnes for more information on any of these options and discuss how we can help support your project to help your school and community!

email: [email protected] | tel: 916.209.3516