Manageable, meaningful, and collaborative
performance evaluations

Effective for Administrators and Staff

With ClassBright Evaluate, administrators get valuable data to drive staffing and professional development decisions.

Teachers are engaged in their professional growth through self-reflection and a transparent evaluation process.

Meet State and District Requirements

ClassBright Evaluate enables you to customize your evaluation criteria to meet state and district standards. Or use our built-in rubric.

You can Include multiple rubrics for evaluating teachers, principals, and classified staff. 

Classbright Evaluate has changed the way teachers and administrators communicate in our district. The evaluation process over the course of the year is more of a collaborative conversation around practice and growth. There are no secrets, and when we are focused on an area needing growth we are actually having the same conversation!
— Tracie Weisz, Curriculum Director

Supports a clear, transparent, and collaborative evaluation process

  • Instantly send evaluation feedback
  • Observers and teachers can add performance evidence into their portfolios including videos and photos
  • Multiple, custom evaluation rubrics
  • Three observation-collection tools for multiple perspectives: "snippets," walkthrough, and formal observation
  • View gaps in rubric data collection in the teacher's portfolio
  • Easy-to-use and mobile friendly interface
  • Build and manage customizable walkthrough observation forms
  • Custom examples of indicator performance (Exemplary, Proficient, etc.)
  • User-friendly reports

Personalized implementation and support

  • Implementation is fast and easy
  • Our expert trainers can lead customized professional development for administrators and teachers beyond the technical know-how, including:
    • Engagement strategies for ensuring quality evaulations
    • Inter-rater reliability support
    • Hands-on activities to deepen staff understanding of your district's evaluation criteria
    • Other supporting topics and facilitation to meet your needs.
  • Timely customer support assistance and guidance at no additional cost.

    Affordable for even the smallest districts and schools. Ask about pricing.

    Like many other - particularly rural - school districts, we were initially struggling with our state’s teacher evaluation requirements and the limited options available. However, Brightways Learning, once again, came through for us like no other education vendor could.
    — Scott MacManus, Superintendent

    Sample Rubric:


    Sample Evaluation with Collected Evidence: