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Measuring and Growing Student Resilience with the Student Support Card™

  • Edmonton (ERLC Office at Elmwood School) Room 17/18, 16325 - 83 Avenue Edmonton Canada (map)

About this learning opportunity

The Student Support Card™ is a reliable measure to assess and track the effectiveness of the social emotional learning, school climate, and risk behavior reduction efforts in your school and community.

Join us for the day to learn how you can utilize this online measurement tool to support youth and work with them to recognize, appreciate, and amplify their unique strengths, talents, and characteristics.  

You will practice how to analyze the Student Support Card assessment data and coach youth and adults to effectively and efficiently understand, interpret, and magnify what is right about youth.

Who should attend?

People who support youth and are interested in: raising student achievement and graduation rates; strengthening families; mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); reducing violence, drugs, and alcohol use; preventing suicide; increasing resiliency; supporting teen parents; reducing bullying behaviors. Anyone who cares about the overall well-being of children and youth.

Why should I attend?

We all want to make a positive impact on youth. But, we often either don’t know how to get started or we get so many “programs” thrown our way that we get lost or don’t have a way to assess whether they are actually working.

In spite of our best efforts, youth continue to be impacted by drugs, alcohol, suicidal ideation, bullying, and a host of other issues that affect them and their community. Caring and connected adults form the foundation of a youth's ability to avoid these problems or bounce back from them.

Our participants will look at the "other side of the report card" to gain new insights into the social-emotional factors impacting youth. You will learn how to utilize data from the Student Support Card, to help impact each youth’s social-emotional health and guide them to get on, and stay on, a course towards resilience and success.

What’s the cost? 

Registration fee of $195.00 CAD (approximately $145.00 USD) covers a full day of hands-on training, materials, and lunch. 

About the facilitator

Derek Peterson is the founder of Integrative Youth Development (IYD), and it's common sense methodologies for impacting the lives of individual children and youth. His work has been engaging and supporting teens, families, schools, and communities for over 30 years.

While Derek has held "big" jobs, he has always built 20% of his work time into working directly with youth. Derek is a youth-serving professional who still organizes and delivers student retreats, is comfortable in ANY and ALL youth settings, and can make the shift to working alongside local, state, provincial, and national elected officials to shape and form policy.

Derek's community engagement work was in America's No Child Left Behind Legislation and has been highlighted by the Harvard Education Review. He was honored to be Alaska's "Prevention Professional of the Year" and "Educator of the Year". His expertise lies in guiding collective efforts to merge young development research with the attitudes, cultures, and values found within each local community, for the greatest impact and return on investment.

What past participants are saying:

“Thanks Derek for such a wonderful, life-changing experience. I left the four days with you feeling very grateful for my personal circumstances ... and the imperative to ensure that my students will have the same kinds of support!”

“When I think about the truly significant steps that have been taken in the last 30 years to open a path to a brighter future for Alaska youth, the work that was done by Derek Peterson ranks at the top of the list. Where other people see barriers, Derek sees possibilities. His work has helped children of all kinds overcome the obstacles that inequality imposes and go on to become strong, confident problem-solvers."

"Forget the boring lectures, textbooks, and the PowerPoint projectors, Derek will energize your crowd with basic skills that you can begin using immediately. You will never forget the balloons, the strings, and the message! Helping your community help itself—that is the message that Derek brings — no need to buy expensive 'systems' or 'kits'—Derek will give you the skills and tools needed so that you can develop what you need and what is culturally competent for your community."

“Derek Peterson is one of those rare individuals who can bring all of the stakeholders together and help them realize they have the power to make the difference in the lives of their children!"

“(This)  has such a profound effect on me and the way I look at student support and how we all need to help them and support them. I always knew this, but you've opened my eyes even more. I can't thank you enough.”