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 Students participate iPhlight Club. Photo BY Amy McDonald

Students participate iPhlight Club. Photo BY Amy McDonald

Phlight Club helps POW students learn life skills while having fun

Interview of Amy McDonald by radio KRBD's Leila Kheiry | Nov 22, 2017

A couple times a year, students in different parts of Prince of Wales Island are locked up together for three days. It’s Phlight Club, a program that aims to increase kids’ ability to cope with challenges, and improve their support system.

ROY G BIV is the common acronym for all the colors in the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Those colors also represent seven components that Phlight Club – spelled with a “PH” rather than an “F” – works on with kids.

Building Trust and Web of Support Through a Full-Spectrum Approach

By Andi Bourne, Seeley Swan Pathfinder | June 23, 2016

Students, teachers and community members from Lolo, Potomac, Seeley Lake and the Swan Valley gathered at Seeley Lake Elementary (SLE) school for Phlight Club June 15-17. Phlight Club used the seven colors of the rainbow to offer a full-spectrum approach to help junior high youth and adults build webs of support by strengthening relationships, building trust and learning how to better communicate. ...

 Photo by heather lusk

Photo by heather lusk

Youth Advocate Encourages Webs of Support to Build Resilience

By Heather Lusk of Current in Zionsville | August 11, 2017

Why do some children thrive while others fail?

That was the question youth advocate Derek Peterson explored as he spoke to more than 1,500 community members over two sessions Aug. 3 after meeting with educators, Zionsville Community Schools staff and selected students.


Amy McDonald is a facilitator with Brightways Learning, a nonprofit that coordinates Phlight Club events in Alaska. Speaking from Thorne Bay School, she described what each of the colors represents.