How to Get Your School & Community Seeing in “Full Color” 

Ensuring Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that’s Measurable, Memorable, and Meaningful

Coming to Indiana!
2017-18 School Year

Phase I Academy

Dates: January 23-24, 2018

Location: Indianapolis 

Cost Per Participant: $349 

Phase 2 Academy

Dates: May 10-11, 2018

Locations: Indianapolis 

Cost Per Participant: $449 



What past participants are saying: 

“Thanks for such a wonderful, life-changing experience. I left the four days with you feeling very grateful for my personal circumstances ... and the imperative to ensure that my students will have the same kinds of support!” 


“Forget the boring lectures, textbooks, and the PowerPoint slides, Derek will energize your crowd with basic skills that you can begin using immediately. You will never forget the balloons, the strings, and the message! Helping your community help itself — that is the message that Derek brings. No need to buy expensive ‘systems’ or ‘kits’.  Derek will give you the skills and tools to develop what you need and what is culturally competent for your community.” 


“(This) has such a profound effect on me and the way I look at student support and how we all need to help them and support them. I always knew this, but you’ve opened my eyes even more. I can’t thank you enough.” 


“Derek Peterson is one of those rare individuals who can bring all of the stakeholders together and help them realize they have the power to make the difference in the lives of their children!” 



Contact Cindy Barnes for more information on any of these options or to create a Custom Package
for your school and community!

email: [email protected]

tel: 916.209.3516

Professional Learning Academies

Kaleidoscope Connect's simple but proven Integrative Youth Development (IYD)™ framework can guide you to measurably engage all sectors of your community to increase the level of support for students. This research-based, common-sense approach to recognizing, appreciating and amplifying what is strong about students and the world around them changes outcomes and lives. We evaluate “the other side of the report card” to measure the impacts of SEL related programs and services, as well as the other critical metrics necessary for students to succeed in school and in society. 

We demonstrate and provide practices and procedures that will decrease negative attitudes and behaviors, and increase positive outcomes. You will receive tools and will practice strategies to support adults in connecting with students, and for students to reach back and connect with adults. We will give you the metrics and their measures to understand what is working, and what is not. 

Two Kaleidoscope Connect Academies (Phase 1 and Phase 2) scaffold and prepare you to work alongside students to amplify their strengths to self-activate their complex systems of support. Our work offers a way for students to see themselves in a new light, and show them how much power they have to maximize their Web of Support. You will leave these sessions with a renewed energy and passion for working with and supporting youth. Learning materials and resources are included. 


Phase 1 Academy

Introduction to the Integrative Youth Development (IYD)™ Framework and the Student Support Card

This two-day session provides a solid introduction to our framework, principles, and practices. During this session, participants will: 

  • Learn how to better connect with youth and help them self-activate their Webs of Support. 
  • Practice methods for interpreting, presenting, and teaching individuals across community sectors to share the responsibility for preparing children and youth for an unknown future. 
  • Discover the power of the Student Support Card's measurable data collection and analysis tools. 


Phase 2 Academy

Deepening IYD and the Student Support Card Principles & Practices

Must attend Phase 1 prior to Phase 2. During this two-day session, participants will: 

  • Deepen their understanding of IYD and the Student Support Card
  • Practice how to analyze the Student Support Card assessment data and coach youth and adults to effectively and efficiently understand, interpret, and amplify what is right and strong about the youth. 

Customizable Options

Coaching (Virtual/Skype); 5 hours$1,000
Coaching (Virtual/Skype); 10 hours$1,750
Teacher/Staff Day of Inservice$3000 +Travel*
Community Engagement Night + Day-long Teacher/Staff Inservice$3,250 +Travel*
Community Engagement evening + 1-day Youth & Adult Event (max. 200 participants; grades 6-12)$3,250 +Travel*
Webinar/Virtual Training Series of four (1-hour each)$495
Phlight ClubStarts at $8,000; contact us for details
Custom Community HandbookVaries; contact us for details
Travel Day $750
*All travel for Kaleidoscope Connect Trainer(s) to local site(s) is additional, actual costs to be billed


Kaleidoscope Collaborative Group Package ($5,700) 

  • (5) Attendee Registrations to Phase 1 Academy 
  • (5) Attendee Registrations to Phase 2 Academy 
  • Series of 4 followup Webinars (unlimited attendance) 
  • 3 hours Virtual Training 
  • Kaleidoscope Lessons 
  • 15 Student Support Card Annual Licenses (The student must attend at least a 4-hour overview from staff or during Phlight Club; can add more licenses for fee, as needed.) 


Kaleidoscope School-Community Package ($10,375 + Travel*) 

  • 1-day Professional Development Training (in your district) 
  • Youth & Adult Event (8am-3pm; Grades 6-12) 
  • Community Engagement Night (5:30-9pm) 
  • Kaleidoscope Lessons 
  • Series of 4 followup webinars (unlimited attendance) 
  • 10 hours Virtual Training 
  • 30 Student Support Card Annual Licenses (The student must attend at least a 4-hour overview from staff or during Phlight Club; can add more licenses for fee, as needed)