Impact and Success


Our impact and success

Brightways Learning’s Kaleidoscope Connect, Global Academy, and ClassBright Evaluate services have improved the lives of youth, educators, and communities across the country and throughout the world. Here are a few examples.

I learned that in order to become resilient, I needed to develop a Web of Support of at least 5 caring adults who could support me. If I had one wish, it would be that every kid could learn about the Web of Support and feel like they belong.
— Natalee

After years of feeling isolated and lonely...I discovered the imortance of building a strong Web of Support. Phlight Club helped me through a rough patch and has had an enorous impact on the rest of my life.
— Eugene

Phlight Club changed me... By the end of the third day, I saw myself and the world around me differently. I felt optimistic and resilient. I wasn’t the same shy kid I had been three days earlier. From deep inside of me, I could feel a leader emerging.
— Gerald

We were worried about educating our kids with our transient military lifestyle, changing schools every time we relocated. We partnered with Brightways [Global Academy] over six years ago and have never looked back.
— Emily

I’m not one to take cold calls, but when Brightways Learning contacted my school district six years ago [about ClassBright Evaluate], my intuition and their approach of collaborative problem-solving told me to take a few minutes to listen. I’m glad I did.
— Scott

Our reach

Our reach continues to grow. Each partner boosts our capacity to serve youth, families, and schools to improve resiliency and fulfill dreams.


Data shows that youth-to-adult connectedness improves in those who experience our Kaleidoscope Connect services, while risk factors decrease. Students develop resiliency that lasts a lifetime!

For additional data, please view our Research page.