Thank you for attending our presentation at the ISFIRE conference and for your interest in Brightways Learning's Kaleidoscope Connect youth development framework, principles, and practices!

For your convenience, we have compiled a collection of videos and brochures to help you better understand how our non-profit organization works hand-in-hand with students, educators, parents, and other stakeholders to support student academics and social, emotional, and physical well-being. Please contact Tina at [email protected] or 206-612-9456 for more information!

Informational Videos

  • What is Phlight Club? - An overview of our youth-centered events that bring together students and adults for cooperative learning, trust, team-building, and SEL competency-development activities:


  • Introduction to the Student Support Card Assessment System - Our survey suite and related reports and tools that help students - and the adults who support them - assess, reflect on, and discuss, their Developmental Ecologies:

  • The 'Napkin Talk' - An introduction to the Kaleidoscope Connect's Full-Color framework and the importance of building Webs of Support:




Download one of our PDFs for more detailed information:

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