Phlight Club

Student-centered events that change lives and amplify trajectories

During a multi-day, life-changing experience, Phlight Club brings together students and adults from the community for cooperative learning, trust and teamwork activities.

The result? Resilient, successful youth, and adults who are equipped to support them.

Benefits of Phlight Club:

  • Teaches youth to identify adults in their lives, called Anchors, that create a Web of Support to keep them from slipping through the cracks.
  • Identifies seven factors of a youth's Development Ecology, represented by the colors of the rainbow, that make youth unique, resilient and successful in life.
  • Creates learning communities that increase student engagement, motivation, and achievement.
  • Implements a measurable system of caring and connection through the online Student Support Card.

  • Builds important social and emotional skills.

  • Decreases youth risk behaviors such as bullying, alcohol and drug use, and suicidal thoughts.

Contact us to learn how you can change lives by hosting a Phlight Club in your school or community.