Overview of Services

Brightways Learning collaboratively empowers young people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams. We help students to succeed academically, amplify their strengths, and become valued, productive members of their community. Brightways Learning's impact is realized by providing unique learning environments and innovative technology solutions to improve learning and achievement.


Our underlying philosophy that drives our principles and practices is that every youth has value. Kaleidoscope Connect’s multi-faceted approach to youth development engages students (and the adults who support them) to amplify the youth’s strengths, intelligence, and resiliency. Our assessment system, materials, and approach makes youth development meaningful and measurable.

Used together or separately, ClassBright offers two systems for classroom-based environments, especially for small districts and schools:

  • Curriculum Management system provides flexible and powerful standards-driven curriculum management and lesson planning tools.
  • Performance Evaluation system makes staff development and performance evaluation simple, transparent, and collaborative.

For districts and schools that offer distance education and homeschool support programs, Brightways Student Management can bridge the communication gap and improve the cooperative workflow.

When parents provide their children with personalized learning they commonly worry, “Am I doing a good job?”  

When families partner with Brightways Global Academy, they connect with certified education professionals for the confidence they need to stay the course.