I finally have a language that matches what’s in my heart.
— Leslie, Participant in Resilient Educators II

Mark your calendar for our upcoming Resilient Educator Workshops, June 10-11, 2019 at the beautiful Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska. Details coming soon!

Resilient Educator Workshops

Educators think regularly about student resilience, but don’t often get the time and support to focus on their own. In these workshops, you’ll participate in experiential activities to amplify personal and professional strengths. In addition to learning skills that build resilience, you’ll leave rejuvenated and inspired to try new things! 


  • To bolster educators’ rapport-building skills that increase trust and efficacy in their students’ learning

  • To teach educators responsive skills that elicit change

  • To align educators with a restorative mindset

  • To show educators how to create and maintain a positive school environment

  • To give educators a social emotional structure easy to implement in all classes and throughout their school

  • To build a congruent communication system within a positive school environment

  • To develop personal energy and wellness strategies for teaching longevity

Resilient Educators I

For teachers, staff, and school administrators who have not participated in one or more similar Brightways Learning offerings.

This workshop will lead participants beyond black and white, diagnostic labels to understanding the developmental ecologies of themselves and their students in meaningful, memorable, and measurable ways. 

You can expect a workshop designed with experiential activities to amplify personal and professional strengths, explore emotional first aid options for your students, and walk through approaches that help regulate personal emotional reactions. In addition to developing effective skills that build personal resilience, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated!

Resilient Educators II

For teachers, staff, and school administrators who have participated in one or more similar Brightways Learning offerings

This workshop will take what you learned in Resilient Educators I to the next level!

Research shows there’s a correlation between the school’s support for their educators and the job performance and satisfaction of their educators. This workshop will advance educator resiliency - personally and professionally.

You will reflect on your own Web of Support inside and outside of school, and you will discover the dynamic balancing act between those two Webs.

You will be introduced to - and participate in - the Teacher Support Card, a survey of your developmental ecology as an educator. It’s like “the other side of your evaluation.” 

You will walk away seeing your own strengths and a with strategies for growing your own Web of Support.

Contact us to learn how to attend a Resilient Educator Workshop or to host a workshop at your school.