Kaleidoscope Lessons - Set of 18 guided lesson plans

Kaleidoscope Lessons - Set of 18 guided lesson plans

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These easy-to-use lessons help teach and internalize the Integrative Youth Development framework. The 18 interactive lessons are designed for youth in grades 7-12 to learn to see their lives in Full Color.

Each 50-minute lesson supports students in identifying their inner and outer strengths and resources so they can be safe, healthy, happy, and successful.

Teachers/leaders are provided with step-by-step instructions, activity sheets, and reflection handouts. These engaging, experiential lessons help students:

  • gain a better knowledge of themselves — who they are, what they can strive for, what they should avoid, and who can support them

  • form and sustain supportive connections with adults and to self-activate their strengths and natural abilities.

  • learn about the developmental ecology that surrounds them, each other, and their community.

The lessons are downloaded as PDFs and can be used throughout your school or district as follows:

  • Large District License (more than 30 teachers): $599

  • Medium District License (11-30 teachers): $399

  • Small District License (10 teachers or less): $99

  • Use by one teacher: $59

Size of District/School:
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