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Hand in hand, connecting
students to bright futures.

Every student - no matter where they live - deserves a great education. 


We know that every youth has value...


Innovation that matters

We stay energized by the impact stories students tell us. For example, teenager Eugene has told us: After years of feeling isolated and lonely... I discovered the importance of building a strong Web of Support. Phlight Club helped me through a rough patch and has had an enormous impact on the rest of my life. 

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Resilient students and educators

Brightways Learning collaboratively empowers young people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams. We are also committed to helping educators reach the pinnacle of their profession. 

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Personalized education

Brightways Learning has been ensuring personalized learning success for more than a decade. We work together with students, parents, and schools to provide a comprehensive education that meets each child’s unique learning needs.

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Professional growth and evaluation

Our professional development and evaluation services provide educators with the knowledge and tools to thrive in their careers while developing supportive relationships with their students.

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It's working!