At Brightways Learning, we understand that academic achievement does not tell the whole story about the student. By focusing on the student’s own values and dreams, and the student’s relationship with educators, family members, and mentors, our programs and services teach students resiliency and social and emotional skills to navigate everyday challenges.


Kaleidoscope Connect

Building Webs of Support to Help Youth Thrive

Kaleidoscope Connect's evidence-supported Integrative Youth Development (IYD)™ framework, principles, and practices have the power to change the trajectory of a student's life. Through various Kaleidoscope Connect components—PHlight Club student-centered events, Student Support Card, youth coaching trainings, staff trainings, and community events—we work alongside youth and adults to build a support network that cultivates caring and connected schools and communities.

The result? Resilient youth, equipped with the skills, attitudes, values, and confidence they need to thrive amid life’s challenges.



PHlight Club

Youth Centered Events

During these highly engaging and interactive experiences, PHlight Club events bring together students and adults from the community to learn important social, emotional, and resiliency skills.

The result? Resilient, successful youth, and adults who are equipped to support them.

Brightways Global Academy

Accredited Education Program for Personalized Learning

Brightways Global Academy, an accredited K-12 school, supports personalized learning with a flexible curriculum, individualized instruction, and certified teachers. We work together with students and parents to provide a comprehensive education that meets each child’s unique learning needs. (Formerly WorldWide IDEA Private Academy).


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