Curriculum and Evaluation Support

Used together or separately, ClassBright offers two online systems for classroom-based environments, especially for small districts and schools:

  • ClassBright Curriculum Management provides flexible and powerful standards-driven curriculum management and lesson planning tools.
  • ClassBright Evaluate is a professional growth and evaluation system for educators that makes staff development and performance evaluations simple, transparent, and collaborative.

ClassBright Curriculum Management enables educators to collaboratively and intuitively create lesson plans and manage their curriculum. Teachers love how easy it is to develop curriculum maps and create topic-driven units, track and review standards coverage, integrate correlated resources, and streamline communications with principals.

ClassBright Evaluate was developed by educators for educators. Schools struggle with the need for accurately evaluating teachers (or any other certified and classified staff), while being able to share and discuss observations leading up to it. ClassBright Evaluate is a simplified yet robust and collaborative performance evaluation system with customizable features.

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