Our professional development and evaluation services provide educators with the knowledge and tools to thrive in their careers while developing supportive relationships with their students.


Kaleidoscope Academies

Kaleidoscope Academies scaffold and prepare you to work alongside students to amplify their strengths and self-activate their complex systems of support.

Resilient Educator Workshops

Each Resilient Educator workshop nurtures skills to see beneath the surface and move to the core of what students need to thrive, while helping raise professional satisfaction for teachers and other school staff.



ClassBright Evaluate

With ClassBright Evaluate, administrators get valuable data to drive staffing and professional development decisions. Teachers are engaged in their professional growth through self-reflection and a transparent evaluation process.

Culturally Responsive Training

Through our Culturally Responsive Training, we help identify the appropriate qualities and practices associated with culturally-responsive educators, curriculum, and schools. Our services help integrate local culture and academics.


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