When I first came to [our program] and had to learn Brightways SMS, I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it was. It was surprisingly easy and intuitive, and I was quickly able to figure out how to use the different tools.
— Carena Wood, Fast Track Virtual School, Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District, Alaska

For districts and schools that offer distance education and homeschool support programs, Brightways Student Management System (SMS) can bridge the communication gap and improve the cooperative workflow.  

Administrators, teachers, registrars, and parents love how fast and easy the web-based tools and services make creating individual learning plans (ILPs), managing student information, streamlining communications, tracking progress, managing enrollments and transcripts, creating state reports, and more.

Brightways SMS is specifically built for these kinds of programs. Easier management means your staff can handle more students more effectively. 


Streamline Your Process

  • Encourage collaborative parent access for developing ILPs in real-time and with custom district settings

  • Track & organize communications with families

  • Simplify & manage the complexities of enrollments and transcripts

  • Significantly improve on-time submission of term grades and student work samples

  • Custom and pre-built exports make state reporting and other data-driven tasks a breeze

Ready to Simplify Paperwork and Boost Impact with Parents & Students?