After years of feeling isolated and lonely... I discovered the importance of building a strong Web of Support. Phlight Club helped me through a rough patch and has had an enormous impact on the rest of my life
— Eugene

During these highly engaging and interactive experiences, PHlight Club events bring together students and adults from the community to learn important social, emotional, and resiliency skills. The result? Resilient, successful youth, and adults who are equipped to support them.


Customized to meet your needs

From 3-day "lock-in" events to 1-hour assemblies, we offer PHlight Club events to meet your needs and budget.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Teaches youth how to see themselves in "Full Color," and add caring, connected adults in their lives (Anchors) to create a Web of Support.

  • Youth identify their strengths and work with adults and peers to solve problems while keeping each other safe, focused, respected, and involved.

  • Adults learn strategies for developing supportive relationships with students to shift from deficit-based to strengths-based thinking.

  • Creates learning communities that increase student engagement, motivation, and achievement.

  • Implements a measurable system of caring and connection through the online Student Support Card.

  • Builds important skills for academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success.

  • Decreases youth risk behaviors such as bullying, alcohol & drug use, and suicidal ideation.

  • Improves school climate for students and staff.

Want to learn how you can change lives by hosting a PHlight event in your school or community?