Our Mission

Improve learning and achievement through collaborative engagement and innovative technology solutions.

Our Methods

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Collaboratively empowering young people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

  • Creating and supporting programs for youth engagement, curriculum management, performance evaluation, and personalized learning programs.

  • Filling educational gaps by providing web-based tools and personalized attention, especially in rural and remote settings.

  • Cultivating connections to help students, schools, families, and communities thrive.

  • Working hand-in-hand with students, educators, parents, and other stakeholders to support student academics and social, emotional, and physical well-being.

  • Helping students to succeed academically, amplify their strengths, and become valued, productive members of their community.

  • Cultivating innovation, engagement, and collaboration to create a culture of optimal wellbeing and success.

  • Solving problems and creating opportunities that strengthen the social emotional learning of our youth.


Our Values

Connection - We believe young people thrive when they are connected to caring adults and supportive communities.

Integrity - Our work is guided by recognized science and best practices in youth development, and we ensure that our customized programs meet the unique needs of our partners. 

Diversity - We believe in the diversity of ideas and people, and embrace all that is dynamic and messy about serving our mission within diverse communities.

Strengths-Based - We emphasize the strengths and resiliency of everyone who works in, shows up for, and engages with our mission.

Collaboration - We believe innovation and impact happen in community with others and we believe in the power of our partnerships.

Stewardship - We experience the joy and responsibility of our mission everyday. We steward all the human resources and gifts we have been given, including the donations we receive, as well as our professional reputation and the good will of our partners.

Fun - We value the benefit of having fun delivering our mission and supporting our program participants. We are more resilient because of it. 






Ready to Learn More?

Our underlying philosophy that drives our principles and practices is that every youth has value.

Our underlying philosophy that drives our principles and practices is that every youth has value.