From California to Amman and Back – How Brightways Global Academy Helped Me Succeed

After a few months in Amman, my family had adjusted to life there and we all agreed to stay longer than a year. At that point, we decided to investigate better educational opportunities. The academics at the private school in which I was enrolled were not at American standards, especially in English proficiency. A friend of mine, who was also an American living in Amman, told us about Brightways Global Academy. It was the only online private school for Americans living overseas I could find that would provide me with an American high school transcript. It seemed the perfect fit for me, so I enrolled.

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Tina Hamilton
Growing Great Teachers: The Best Reason for Teacher Evaluation

What is the purpose of evaluating teachers? Most would agree that at its base level, it’s about making sure teachers are performing their minimum job requirements. But at the highest level, it’s about helping teachers self-reflect on their practices and supporting them to grow their best professional selves.

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