School districts know that big projects can have high impact for their students. But sometimes - especially in small and rural districts - they simply lack the capacity to take on all of the work to implement projects efficiently and avoid adding more stress to their staff loads.


Brightways Learning can help by providing project support related to:

  • Logistic support

  • Event design and management

  • Travel management

  • Coordination between project partners, whether between school districts and/or agencies, nonprofits, companies

  • Collaborative facilitation

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Example of our work

Brightways Learning collaborated with the schools and communities of Alaska Gateway and Yukon Koyukuk School Districts to develop the Alaska Care and Husbandry Instruction for Lifelong Living (A-CHILL) program. Specifically, Brightways Learning helped write the grant proposal and helps coordinate and support the professional development, partner facilitation, and travel logistics components of the project.

This four-year Indian Education Demonstration project brings together multiple schools across two districts, and their local community members to collaboratively engage students in grades 6-12 in culturally responsive learning opportunities. The A-CHILL project helps students to be inspired and learn valuable knowledge and skills related to the sciences, math, language arts, and college & career readiness while participating in animal husbandry and mushing projects.

Video Courtesy of Alaska Gateway School District

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