Solutions for Schools


Kaleidoscope Connect

Kaleidoscope Connect's evidence-supported Integrative Youth Development (IYD)™ framework, principles, and practices have the power to change the trajectory of a student's life. We work alongside youth and adults to build a support network that cultivates caring and connected schools and communities.

The result? Resilient youth, equipped with with the skills, attitudes, values, and confidence they need to thrive amid life’s challenges.


PHlight Club & Youth Leadership

During these highly engaging and interactive experiences, PHlight Club events bring together students and adults from the community to learn important social, emotional, and resiliency skills.

The result? Resilient, successful youth, and adults who are equipped to support them.


Professional Development

Our professional development and evaluation services provide educators with the knowledge and tools to thrive in their careers while developing supportive relationships with their students.


ClassBright Evaluate

With ClassBright Evaluate, administrators get valuable data to drive staffing and professional development decisions. Teachers are engaged in their professional growth through self-reflection and a transparent evaluation process.


Brightways Student Management

For districts and schools that offer distance education and homeschool support programs, Brightways Student Management System (SMS) can bridge the communication gap and improve the cooperative workflow.


Community Project Mobilization

School districts know that big projects can have high impact for their students. But sometimes - especially in small and rural districts - they simply lack the capacity to take on all of the work to implement projects efficiently and avoid adding more stress to their staff loads.