Even for veteran home-educating parents, planning, teaching, and assessing high school learning can be challenging. We can help you and your student plan for and implement success. Our academy's experienced staff, including Certified Support Teachers, can provide the benefit of an accredited transcript and diploma, which can help smooth college or military entrance. We support and validate you and your student's hard work!

Benefits for your high school student include:

  • Four-year planning based on the appropriate graduation requirements (see below), which match or exceed national and state requirements

  • Accredited transcripts for scholarship and college applications

  • Support Teacher can write letters of recommendation for college-bound students, scholarship applications, etc.

  • Support system to help find the best educational materials to use regardless of a parent's skill level — to help students achieve success in more challenging courses

To be eligible to receive a Brightways Global Academy accredited diploma, students must meet the graduation requirements and be enrolled in our Academy for a minimum of one full term. The minimum amount of credits required for a Brightways Global Academy accredited diploma is 21. After graduating high school, if a student plans to attend a college or university, then we suggest that student complete the Distinguished Achievement Program, which provides a more complete college prep education requiring 24 credits.

All students graduating must successfully complete one of the following graduation requirement tracks:


Transfer Students — Transfer students must still earn at least 21 credits in the required subject areas to graduate. However, if a student in the 12th grade transfers from another school, then s/he may, at our discretion, may be excused from credit requirements for specific subject areas.

Once enrolled in Brightways Global Academy, your Support Teacher and our Director of Student Services will work together to transfer your student's grades from previous coursework. If available, transcripts from any schools attended will be requested by you to be sent to Brightways Global Academy . If your student's coursework was completed in your homeschool, then we will work with you to build a transcript for those completed courses.