At Brightways Learning, we know the importance of teaching students authentically through their familiar cultural contexts - whether related to indigenous cultures and/or place-based lifestyles. It’s good pedagogy and also a key factor in keeping students engaged through real-world applications that matter to them.

Through our professional, community, and school development training and supporting services, we help identify the appropriate qualities and practices associated with culturally-responsive educators, curriculum, and schools.

Educators and community members understand the importance of integrating local culture and academics, but implementing can be a daunting task. Brightways Learning can provide the support needed to achieve your goals.


Culturally Responsive Schools

Our services include:

  • Helping teachers understand the local community context and how to connect it to academics in the classroom.

  • Integrating culture and academics together.

  • Identifying and arranging topic presenters.

  • Leading or supporting professional development with culturally-relevant design.

  • Facilitating or co-facilitating professional development sessions.

  • Managing data collection and fiscal management.

  • Providing logistical support, including participant management, travel, workshop locations and logistics, and more.

Contact us to learn how our customized services can help your school and community.

Example of our Work

Brightways Learning collaborated with the schools and communities of Alaska Gateway and Yukon Koyukuk School Districts to develop the Alaska Care and Husbandry Instruction for Lifelong Living (A-CHILL) program. Specifically, Brightways Learning helped write the grant proposal and helps coordinate and support the professional development, partner facilitation, and travel logistics components of the project.

This four-year Indian Education Demonstration project brings together multiple schools across two districts, and their local community members to collaboratively engage students in grades 6-12 in culturally responsive learning opportunities. The A-CHILL project helps students to be inspired and learn valuable knowledge and skills related to the sciences, math, language arts, and college & career readiness while participating in animal husbandry and mushing projects.

Video courtesy of Alaska Gateway School District

Learn how our customized services can help your school and community.