Resilient Educators: Growing Your Best Self

Join us to Learn and Practice Resiliency and Well-Being Strategies, Both Personally and Cross-Culturally!


I finally have a language that matches what’s in my heart.
— Leslie, Participant in Resilient Educators Workshop

Educators think regularly about student resilience, but don’t often get the time and support to focus on their own. In these beginner and advanced workshops, you’ll learn to amplify personal and professional strengths and satisfaction. 

You will also practice innovative and culturally responsive strategies to better connect to your students, school, and community. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, with a fresh perspective to further boost your resiliency and skills to increase student learning.

Why should I attend?

Because you are a teacher, administrator, or staff member who wants to: 

  • Explore how your “Web of Support” allows you greater capacity to support and engage with youth, thereby boosting student resilience and academic growth

  • Bolster your rapport-building skills that increase trust and efficacy in your students’ learning 

  • Explore cross-cultural relationships — digging below the surface of “what culture looks like.”

  • Develop culturally-responsive strategies for building trust and connection with your students and colleagues.

  • Align yourself with a restorative mindset 

  • Discover how to create and maintain a positive learning environment 

  • Learn and practice a social-emotional structure that’s easy to implement throughout your school 

  • Develop personal energy and wellness strategies for teaching longevity 

Day 1 - choose one workshop

Welcome to Your Web
Co-led by Corrie Hruby & Dante Huffine  

For teachers, staff, and school administrators who have not participated in a Brightways Learning Resilient Educator Workshop 

Research shows there’s a correlation between a school’s support for their educators and the job performance and satisfaction of their educators. This workshop will advance educator resiliency — personally and professionally. You will reflect on your Web of Support inside and outside of school, and you will discover the dynamic balancing act between those two Webs. You will walk away with seeing your own strengths and a plan with strategies for growing your own Web of Support.

Deepening Your Resiliency
Co-led by Kerrie Carl & Jodi Mar

For participants who have previously attended a Brightways Learning Resilient Educator workshop

Building from previous workshops, this highly engaging session will lead you to reflect more deeply on your own Web of Support, along with self-reflection of your practices for self-care and as a professional educator .

Day 2 - for all Day 1 participants

Authentic Connections: Personalized Strategies for Student Engagement
Co-led by Nita Yurrliq Rearden & David Pavish

How do you perceive and connect with others who are different than you? What knowledge do you carry with you and share? How do you become aware of what’s around you and grow?

During this cultural resiliency portion of our workshop, we’ll actively explore cross-cultural relationships — digging below the surface of “what culture looks like.” We will also reflect on and discuss how our self-awareness relates to how we connect with others of both similar and different cultures, especially Alaska Native.

You will leave with a polished appreciation for your own nature and identity, along with some strategies for building trust and connection with your students and colleagues. Strategies you practice here will help you become more culturally responsive to your students, school, and community in aspects previously hidden or overshadowed — allowing a fresh perspective to shine through that will further boost your resiliency!

Workshop Details, Pricing, & Registration

Beautiful Alyeska Resort
Girdwood, Alaska

Registration Fee:
$249 per person. Group discount: Purchase four seats and an administrator can attend for free! Contact us for details.

If flying to Anchorage on Alaska Airlines, use the code ECMC384  to receive 5% when booking your itinerary. 

CEU Credits:
1 Continuing Education Credit (via UAA) per workshop is available; Fee must be paid by the participant. Registration information will be provided to attendees in advance of event.

Contact us for more information!

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