The Other Side of the Report Card

Schools work to engage parents and the community in educating their children. While each student’s academic report card is important, it only provides half of the story about that student’s success.   

Kaleidoscope Connect is based on an integrative, full-spectrum approach to youth development. Our online Student Support Card™ tool assesses and measures seven key impact areas, or factors, that influence young people’s positive development. 

These factors – consisting of a kaleidoscope of colors - provide data on what we call “the other side of the report card.” Each of the seven colors represents a measurable factor which is used to form a Web of Support that protects youth from harm and leads to their thriving and resilience. Youth need a full-spectrum of color in their kaleidoscopes to do well in life.

Meaningful Data

The Student Support Card measures and records the student’s mixture and strength of these colors at any given time.

The resulting kaleidoscope snapshots is presented in an easy-to-understand visual representation.

The summary provides meaningful clarity and insights to improve the strength of their positive factors, reduce the negative factors, and continuously move and grow themselves into life-long satisfaction and success.


Help students improve positive attributes and reduce negative factors.