Dedicated professionals with a passion for education.


Our Team

We believe that every student no matter where they live deserves a great education and a bright future. Every member of our team supports the organization's culture of individualized success - from pure academic achievement to social and emotional wellbeing. We work hand-in-hand with our students, educators, parents, and other stakeholders to ensure optimal learning and lifelong success.




Jennifer Lutey

Executive Director

Jen has been the organization's Executive Director since obtaining her J.D. in 2004. She leads Brightways Learning in working hand-in-hand with students, educators, parents, and other stakeholders to support student academics and social and emotional wellbeing. Jen has a thorough knowledge of collaboratively implementing innovative change and developing education support programs. Bringing expertise in rural and remote education settings, she also leads grant-writing coordination efforts. She is the main contact for people interested in developing educational programs with Brightways Learning's assistance. Jen is responsible for managing multi-million dollar federal grant-funded programs, which have successfully implemented student growth and leadership components and support local leaders, schools, health organizations, and communities for long-term sustainability of positive change.


Aaron Baldwin

Technology Director

Aaron joined Brightways Learning in 2005 and has served as Director of Technology since 2006. He spent six years programming medical software during the day, while pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science from Boston University in the evening. He spent another couple of years in Washington, DC, analyzing afloat networks for the Navy and finding creative commuting options through the district. Aaron is responsible for our conversion to the Ruby on Rails framework and has led development on numerous applications both large and small. Aaron does not miss long East Coast commutes, since he enjoys being outside and in motion (running, biking, hiking, skiing, etc..). He is moving a bit slower these days, however, with his two young children in tow.


Lisa "Kersch" Kerscher

Education Director

Kersch co-coordinates, facilitates collaboration, and implements our Professional Development trainings and other opportunities related to our software products, educational projects, and supporting services. Joining our team in 2005, she also helps design our software applications and serves as our lead trainer, providing both group and one-on-one PD virtually and on-site. With an M.A. in Journalism and B.S. in Wildlife Biology, she has been doing online and print journalism, design work, and software development and training since 1998, specializing in educational, news, and interactive media most commonly related to science. As a consultant, she wrote content distributed to about a dozen Newspapers in Education programs nationwide and also co-developed many of the hands-on and interactive components of the original STEMscopes middle and high school Life Sciences curriculum. Most recently, she developed NGSS Middle School Life Sciences PD curriculum for the Kansas City Teacher Residency program. Kersch loves traveling and immersing herself in local cultures and communities, appreciating the nuances of humanity and different ecological regions.


Jamie Wheeler

Financial Manager

Jamie has been with Brightways Learning since 2004. She holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Montana and has worked in her field for more than 13 years. Jamie loves traveling with her husband, spending time with friends and family, and spoiling her two corgi pups.


Cindy Barnes

Partnership Development Director

Cindy brings over 13 years of sales and marketing experience to our organization. Her focus has been in the educational technology field, and she enjoys experiencing how technology can enhance student learning. She completed her B.A. of English at Washington State University. She enjoys spending time with her children and husband baking, cooking, reading, and snapping photos.


Shelby French

Administrative Assistant

Shelby is the master of quick-thinking and problem-solving. She manages many people's various logistical needs across various projects to meet our goals and mission. Meanwhile, she's finishing up her Bachelor's degree in microbiology at the University of Montana.