Brightway Global Academy 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Brightways Global Academy (formerly WorldWide IDEA) brings a fresh approach to home-based education by honoring parental choice in standards-based curricular materials and instructional methodology, while providing support and accountability based upon the needs of each and every individual child.

What is Brightways Global Academy?

Brightways Global Academy is an accredited distance education program. Our mission is to form a collaborative partnership with the teaching parent to help provide an outstanding level of education for our students. We support your children schooling at home through a variety of means, including certified Contact Teachers, online resources and other tools to provide a comprehensive program to enhance your family's schooling endeavors. Ultimately, you choose the educational materials, your teaching methods and style, but with Brightways Global Academy, your hard work is supported, guided, and validated with documentation and accredited transcripts and diplomas.

Is Brightways Global Academy accredited?

Brightways Global Academy is accredited by AdvancED.

What is a Certified Support Teacher?

One of the significant features of our program is our certified Support Teachers. Each enrolled family is assigned a Certified Support Teacher. Your Support Teacher is available as often as you need his or her assistance. Your Support Teacher provides answers to educational questions you may have, guidance in finding educational materials and oversees development of your children's Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). The Support Teacher also maintains your student's records. Our goal is to provide certified support and guidance so the teaching parent has more time to spend teaching students.

Why would I want to enroll in Brightways Global Academy, when I can get curriculum materials included with other private schools with distance education programs?

Only you and your family can decide what is most important, but with Brightways Global Academy you get:

  • Freedom of Choice
    With many other programs, you must use their limited curriculum materials. With Brightways Global Academy, you can use whatever materials you believe are best for each of your students.

  • Standardized Testing
    Annual standardized testing is provided to Brightways Global Academy students in grades 3-11 in March. Testing provides a very useful tool for the home educator, as it can identify possible gaps in their educational curriculum. Such gaps can then be address when planning your student's coursework for the following school year.

  • Interactive Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
    This educational "roadmap" or plan for your student's school year, is easy to create, update & access via our website.

  • Certified Teacher support

  • Online Educational Resources
    Brightways Global Academy families have access to valuable supplemental online educational resources — see our Learning Resources page for more information.

Will my high school student's previous coursework transfer?

Once enrolled in Brightways Global Academy, your Support Teacher and our Director of Student Services will work together to transfer your student's grades from previous coursework. If available, transcripts from any schools attended will be requested by you to be sent to Brightways Global Academy. If your student's coursework was completed in your homeschool, then we will work with you to build a transcript for those completed courses. See our High School & Graduation Information page.

What additional benefits are there for my high school student?

  • Four-year planning based on the appropriate graduation requirements, which match or exceed national and state requirements.

  • Accredited transcripts for scholarship and college applications.

  • Support Teacher can write letters of recommendation for college-bound students, scholarship applications, etc.

  • Support system to help find the best educational materials to use regardless of a parent's skill level — to help students achieve success in more challenging courses.

  • Accredited diploma upon successful completion of graduation requirements.

  • See our High School & Graduation Information page

When may I enroll my students?

You may enroll anytime during the school year. Our academic year officially begins July 1, with the first semester starting August 25.

Tuition Options

Parent paid tuition
NDSP/State Department tuition

How do I enroll my students?

Please complete and submit an Enrollment Application to get started right away! If you are a military or other government-sponsored family and qualify for NDSP or other tuition reimbursement, you will be able to note that in the payment portion of the application after submitting the family and student information page.

Are discounts available for military and government-sponsored families?

Military and other government-sponsored families receive tuition discounts. Your family may also qualify for tuition and related reimbursement. Contact us for tuition and reimbursement information and visit the NDSP Website.

How do I learn more about the Individual Learning Plan (ILP)?

Our interactive Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is at the heart of our program. Get in touch with us through the Contact Us page, and one of our staff can explain how this works to customize an appropriate plan for each of your students.