Full-Spectrum Youth Development

It’s working! Youth and adults are changing how they see themselves and their communities. Caring and connected adults are giving youth the ability to thrive amidst life’s challenges. Kaleidoscope Connect helps youth build webs of support anchored by these caring and connected adults. 

Our underlying philosophy that drives our principles and practices is that every youth has value. Kaleidoscope Connect’s multi-faceted approach to youth development engages students (and the adults who support them) to amplify the youth’s strengths, intelligence, and resiliency. Our assessment system, materials, and approach makes youth development measurable and meaningful.

Too often, youth are labeled as "good kid or bad kid," "smart kid or slow kid." We call this seeing in "black and white." This black-and-white lens through which adults commonly view youth devalues their uniqueness and individuality.

Kaleidoscope Connect helps change that. Through adult training academies and youth-centered Phlight Clubs, we work with individuals, schools and communities to shift from a black-and-white to a full-color view to see the combinations of hues and complexities that make youth unique, resilient and successful in life. And, our principles and practices can easily be adapted to support the results of other programs, such as those related to Social and Emotional Learning, ACEs training, Growth Mindset, and others.

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