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Strong in Every Way

For Kris Devereaux, Chief Academic Officer, and her colleagues at Zionsville Community Schools in Indiana, strengthening the Social and Emotional competence of students throughout the district is a top priority. And they have invited Brightways Learning to help them reach their goals by implementing Kaleidoscope Connect’s Integrative Youth Development (IYD) framework. 

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4 Tips to Increase Student Resiliency

Within the Kaleidoscope Connect framework, we do not ask youth, “How smart are you?” Instead we ask, “How are you smart?” By looking through this strength-based lens, we celebrate the unique talents and intelligences that every youth has.

To help youth grow their resiliency, here are 4 tips to support them in the development of their individual intelligences:

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From Loners to Leaders

Kimejoe Lambeth and Eugene James are 15-year-olds from rural Alaska, living on Prince of Wales Island. In most respects, they are typical teens. 

But what sets them apart is their strong commitment to making a difference in the lives of other kids, and the leadership skills they have developed and polished over the past three years by taking part in our Kaleidoscope Connect activities.

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